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Individual Tutorials and Editing Services

Individual Tutorials

Don’t see what you’re looking for with our courses? Try our individual tutorials for personal, one-on-one feedback. While cost is greater for the following services, a tutorial offers individualized guidance on your personal project. If you are interested in studying with an individual, you must register in person or by phone; you will then receive an intake form to fill out. Once you’ve completed the intake form a tutor will then contact you and set up a regular weekly meeting time at Writers & Books.

Price for Adults
$125 per hour as a Writers & Books Member
$140 per hour as General Public

Revising and Editing
Instructor: Lois Taubman or Sejal Shah

Do you have a book inside you?  If you answered “Yes,” you can count on Lois to help you bring that book to life.  Lois is a published author and editor, writing contest winner, and an experienced writing coach.  She also has a background in law and counseling, so she knows how to communicate with, and motivate others. She can help you with all stages of writing your non-fiction book, memoir, or novel from conception to editing the manuscript.  She has tips and techniques to help you deal with writer’s block, deadlines, organization of content and materials, and other challenges.  Most importantly, as you travel this road together, she will give you feedback and encouragement to help you on your way to becoming the best writer you can be. 

Writing as Critical Thinking
Instructor: Arseniy Gutnik

Working with a tutor is an interactive process, in which the tutor uses guiding questions, suggestions, and occasionally exercises to assist a writer in gaining the skills and clarity to reach his or her objectives.  Looking to bring out a point in a short story, without losing the details?  Want your speech to “flow” better by altering its structure?  Worried about awkward sentences in a report or essay?  Need an effective cover letter?  Let’s begin a conversation to help you clarify your goals and work on developing an action plan.  Writing is about thinking—no written text is necessary to start—and you are welcome to come at any stage of your project.

Youth and Young Adult Tutoring
Instructor: Rylie Day or Emma Lynge

Price for Youth
$50 per hour as a Writers & Books Member
$58 per hour as General Public

No matter what level schooling and education has been completed, there is always more room for improvement, yet often very few opportunities to receive the extra level of help many students need. Whether it be practice with grammar, evaluation of sentence structure, reading analysis, revision of creative writing, or organization and execution of academic essays, Rylie offers one-on-one tutoring for youth and young adults who would benefit from further instruction in a comfortable, constructive setting. Her services include individual coaching on any element of English and/or writing, catering to each student’s specific needs. Students (ages eight through high school) are welcome and encouraged, but not required to bring in specific assignments with which we can work.

Interested? Send us an inquiry at or call (585) 473-2590 x 107