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Interview with Steve Huff

For this week’s staff interview, we talked to Steve Huff, Director of Adult Education. We talked about some of the cool new business of writing classes we’re offering, the man who changed his life, some writing advice, and his early experiences with Writers & Books.


  • Steve was Publisher at BOA Editions, the prestigious literary press based right here in Rochester.
  • He also worked at another local literary treasure, independent bookstore Lift Bridge Book Shop
  • As he mentions, we accept unpublished book-length poetry manuscripts for the Gell Poetry Prize between September and November every year. Check out 2012’s winner Sparrow by Bethany Reid.
  • The writers who helped Steve process his rural background: Sherwood Anderson, Eudora Welty, Jim Harrison
  • The author of Genesee Fever whose name Steve can’t quite recall is Carl Carmer.
  • Steve is a poet and a Pushcart Prize-winning fictionist. His most recent book is a short story collection, A Pig in Paris. He teaches in the MFA program at Pine Manor College