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“Make Believe”

From my earliest memories I loved playing “make believe.” By six years old, my friends and I would spend hours in the basement with a sheet draped over the pipe in the ceiling, decked out in our parents’ old clothes making up involved skits complete with songs and choreography unbound by realism. We were unicorns, animals, fairies, pirates, scientists, master builders, royalty and every age from birth to Methuselah. The gift of belief beating within our small hearts helped us try on the many people we might be, work out our every question and our bravery and invention shone unfiltered and bright.

Thirty years many cities and stages later, it’s still my favorite thing to do. The creativity of little minds never ceases to enchant and amaze me.

In my class, “Let’s Play” I hope to welcome and encourage all the creativity and fun that kids already bring with them into the room and give them tools to shape their fabulous imaginings into short plays. I hope to encourage them to work together with acceptance of one another’s strengths and differences, recognizing that the diversity of our ideas and perspectives is what makes the collaboration of theatre so fulfilling.

I hope to let them do what they already do so well, play. We’ll read, write, move, listen, and play some more- That is after all why it is called a play! I look forward to meeting your own little thespian on this fun day of theatre adventures.

Sara’s youth camp, “Let’s Play” will run on Wednesday April 4th, 2018
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