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Join us online for readings and conversations with BOA Editions authors, some of the most exciting writers publishing today. Peter Conners, Publisher and Executive Director of BOA Editions, facilitates. Events are in-person or hybrid with online streaming via Zoom.




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Past Events

May 11,2021 – EC Osondu

E.C. Osondu in conversation with BOA Publisher and Executive Director Peter Conners.

April 27,2021 – Rachel Mennies

Told through a time-honored epistolary narrative, The Naomi Letters chronicles in poems the relationship between a woman speaker and Naomi, the woman she loves.

April 20,2021 – Kendra Decolo

Kendra DeColo reaffirms the action of mothering as heroic, brutal, and hardcore with poems that interrogate patriarchal narratives about childbirth, postpartum healing, and motherhood through the lens of pop culture and the political zeitgeist.

April 13,2021 – Justin Jannise

Justin Jannise in conversation with BOA Publisher and Executive Director Peter Conners. Jannise turns the self-help manual on its head in his Poulin Prize-winning debut collection.

April 6,2021 – Craig Morgan Teicher

Craig Morgan Teicher will be in conversation with BOA Publisher and Executive Director Peter Conners. Craig Morgan Teicher’s Welcome to Sonnetville, New Jersey is a collection of poems about entering middle age, raising a young family, sustaining a marriage, and taking care of a severely disabled child.

February 2,2021 – Deborah Pardez

Deborah Paredez in conversation with BOA Publisher and Executive Director Peter Conners. In the tradition of women as the unsung keepers of history, Deborah Paredez’s second poetry collection tells her story as a Latina daughter of the Vietnam War.

January 19,2021 – Kathryn Nuernberger

In this fiercely feminist ecopoetic collection, Kathryn Nuernberger reclaims love and resilience in an age of cruelty. As the speaker—an artist and intellectual—finds herself living through a rocky marriage in conservative rural Missouri, she maintains her sense of identity by studying the science and folklore of plants historically used for birth control.

January 12,2021 – Mark Polanzak

The stories in Mark Polanzak’s BOA Short Fiction Prize-winning The OK End of Funny Town stitch fantastic situations into the drab fabric of everyday life. The author delights in stretching every boundary he encounters, from the new focus on practical learning at the New Community School, to the ever-changing tastes of diners in search of the next big trend in local cuisine.

January 5,2021 – Matt Morton

Matt Morton in conversation with BOA Publisher and Executive Director Peter Conners. Selected by Patricia Smith as winner of the 18th annual A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize, Matt Morton’s debut poetry collection Improvisation Without Accompaniment reaches for meaning in the transience of life.

December 15,2020 – John Gallaher

In Brand New Spacesuit, John Gallaher writes with honesty, humor, and tenderness about caring for his aging parents. These poems offer snapshots of the poet’s memories of his adoption and childhood, his father’s heart attacks, his mother’s progressing Alzheimer’s disease and stroke, raising his own children, and his reflections on the complex mysteries of the universe within everyday moments.

December 8,2020 – Rick Bursky

Rick Bursky’s latest poetry collection reaches into the peculiarities of human relationships with emotional accuracy, charm, and a touch of surrealism. In poems that channel memories of brief encounters and long-lost loves through imagination and half-recalled dreams, Let’s Become a Ghost Story turns nostalgia inside-out to reveal the innate humor of our most intimate connections.

October 13,2020 – Michael Martone

Inspired by the real-life pioneer of early aviation who invented the art of skywriting, the brief stories in this collection by “editor” Michael Martone follow the adventures of Art Smith and his authorship in the sky. In the spirit of Kurt Vonnegut and Hayao Miyazaki, this Midwestern mythology celebrates facts, fiction, and the impermanence of art.

October 6,2020 – Elana Bell

Mother Country examines the intricacies of mother–daughter relationships: what we inherit, what we let go, what we hold, and what we pass on to our own children, both the visible and invisible. As the speaker gradually loses the mother she has always known to early onset Parkinson’s disease, she asks herself, “How do you deal with the grief of losing someone who is still living?”

September 22,2020 – Barbara Jane Reyes

Barbara Jane Reyes answers the questions of Filipino American girls and young women of color with bold affirmations of hard-won empathy, fierce intelligence, and a fine-tuned B.S. detector. The Brown Girl of these poems is fed up with being shushed, with being constantly told how foreign and unattractive and unwanted she is.

September 15,2020 – Michael Waters

In passionate poems about sin, obsession, and mortality—an artist’s infatuation with a doll, an interspecies relationship, an ex-lover whose presence lingers in recipes, ecclesiastical birds, and a sex toy holding a loved one’s ashes—Waters delivers impeccably crafted narratives infused with his signature lyrical gestures.