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New Steps for the Gell Tree House

Last weekend Executive Director Joseph Flaherty and Board member Trevor Harrison went down trevor and stairsto Writers & Books retreat center, The Gell Center of the Finger Lakes, located in Bristol NY for a different kind of spring cleaning.


After several long months of harsh weather, the steps leading up to the Gell Center’s Tree House had fallen into dismay. The wood was rotting; the pieces keeping the frame together were decaying. It wasn’t pretty.


However, two strong men from Writers & Books were ready to give the stairs the extreme WAB makeover they desperately needed to be ready for summer rentals.


Hiking back and forth from the driveway at the Gleason Lodge, through the woods and up to the Tree House was no easy task. Joe and Trevor spent the morning carrying large units of recycled wood and metal bolts up to the dead steps to begin the transformation.


new stairsBy the end of the day, the new Tree House steps had been assembled and the WAB men were free to enjoy the weekend.


For more information on the Tree House, Gleason Lodge, or other Gell Center Facilities, visit our website at or call Kathy Pottetti, Gell Center Director of Operations and Programming at 473-2590 ext 103.