Walking With Poets IV: Choosing a Response (Ekphrasis: painting)

Writers & Books 740 University Avenue, Rochester, NY

What is the dialogue between painting and word? Sometimes a good match provides an excellent prompt to a surprising insight. In the first session, we will analyze the craft of both art and poem and discuss correspondences as well as examine how different painters respond to the same subject. We will end the session at […]


Vision and Process in Poetry: Inspired by Monet

Writers & Books 740 University Avenue, Rochester, NY

Poets need to learn from painters, says Horace. The Monet exhibit at Memorial Art Gallery, featuring eight paintings of the Waterloo bridge, provides a unique study of serial painting, emphasizing atmosphere instead of a subject. In this workshop, we’ll read ekphrastic poems responding to Monet paintings to identify successful use of craft and how it […]

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