All Queries Answered

Barbara Berson, Elizabeth DeMeo Editor, Tin House, Markus Hoffmann, Rhea Lyons. Moderator: Kyle Semmel
In the publishing world, the query letter is often your handshake. It’s an agent’s or editor’s first impression of meeting you and your writing. A well-written query will get you noticed while a poorly constructed letter will ensure you’re ignored. Join Barbara Berson, Elizabeth DeMeo, Markus Hoffmann, Rhea Lyons as they describe the common query mistakes that make them cringe, as well as the elements of a letter that leave them wanting to see more of your work.

From Poem Pile to Published Page: Assembling the Full-Length Collection

Al Abonado, Anderson Allen, Charlie Cote, Stephen Kuusisto. Moderator: Sarah Freligh.
Ordering a manuscript requires a different mindset than creating or revising individual poems. The panel will share how order can maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses in your poems while creating a unity that’s “book strong.”

I’ve Finished…Now What?

CaTyra Polland, Corey Tanksley, Brian Wood. Moderator: Matt Kotula
So you’ve finished the first draft of your manuscript. Now what? It’s time for the real work to begin. Author James Scott Bell said, “The best fiction writers write like they’re in love and edit like they’re in charge.” In this panel, get ready to take control of your work. Discover the edits and steps you’ll take in transforming your passion into a publication.