Meet the Agents

Barbara Berson, Markus Hoffman, Allie Levick, Rhea Lyons.
Believe it or not, literary agents are people, too. Each agent has individual tastes and interests in the work they’d like to represent. In this question and answer forum, you’ll learn which agent is the right fit for your unique work. Find out the etiquette for contacting them, or how to best pitch your manuscript at the mixer. Or, just attend to attach a face with a name. But whatever you do, don’t be the writer who sends a devotional cookbook to an agent who wants a space-vampire romance.

What to Expect While You’re Expecting

Markus Hoffmann, Andrew Ervin, Barbara Berson, Amanda Ghazale Aziz, Moderator: Stacey Freed
As any writer knows, finding a literary agent remains one of the best ways to be successful in the world of traditional publishing. Imagine that you’ve written your novel or book, and you’ve signed on with a literary agent who loves your work. In this panel featuring two authors and their agents, you will find out first-hand the ins and outs of the author/agent relationship.

Promoting Your Work

Anthony Blake, Amy Collins, Ron Martin-Dent, Leslie C Youngblood. Moderator: Ruth E. Thaler-Carter
Writers need readers. Here’s your chance to put together an effective plan for getting your work in front of potential agents, publishers, and readers. Get tips on blogging, websites, reviews, interviews, social media, speaking engagements, conferences, and other ways of letting the world know what you’re working on and where you’ve been published so your work gets the exposure and support it deserves.