Place Projector – In progress


Writers & Books’ artist in residence Annalisa Barron has created a dazzling series of sculptures and set them on display throughout Rochester, NY. The first in the series is now on display in our something something atrium.

Each sculpture is part found-object, part metallic dreamscape, part light show.

The sculptures are forged not only of light, glass, and steel, but are elegantly interwoven with Rochester’s history as the birthplace of photography.

Each piece is constructed partially from materials connected to the photographic process and sourced locally from optical companies and collections. Despite the heft and weight of each sculpture, the steel housings achieve a light, organic essence, adorned with leaves, vines, and conturs borrowed from nature. The sculptures themselves are a testament to Barron's aesthetic and technique, yet their fundamental shape and appearance are secondary. According to Barron, the true art on display are the light-forms that appear when the sculptures are activated. In other words, Barron’s choices in the creative process were determined primarily by the shape of the light projected, not the appearance of the projectors themselves.

The exhibit also includes items on loan from the Bausch and Lomb Archives that showcase historical materials that are used as the optical glass in these projecting sculptures.

Since January 2020, Annalisa has worked with our staff and instructors by visiting classes and doing activities to gain insight into our community and the history of our building.

At the end of her residency she will unveil a Place Projector designed specifically for Writers & Books that will remain permanently on the premises.