Place Projectors Writing Project

Program Overview

What is a sense of place? Is it a feeling? A smell? A memory? 

Welcome to the Place Projectors Writing Project! Annalisa Barron, Writers & Books’ artist in residence, needs your input for her next projector. This projector will stay on the premises at 740 University Avenue as a marker and a reminder of who we are, what we’ve been, and what we believe in. Maybe you’ve taken a workshop in the building or attended a reading in our theatre or perhaps you attended a SummerWrite workshop one magical summer. We want you to dig deep and share that memory with us. Paint us a picture of that memory, bring us along as you describe the atmosphere, the ambiance, the feeling. 

Important Dates

Submissions Open: July 3, 2020

Submissions Closed: October 2, 2020

Submission details: Entries should be no more than 750 words. The winning 5 submissions will have their memory memorialized as an object featured in Barron’s projector at Writers & Books and will also be invited to read their entry at a pre- recorded performance to be memorialized on our website and YoutTube page. 

How to submit: Email your entries to with “Place Projectories @ W&B Submission” in the Subject Header.

Questions? Email

Barron experimenting with Balopticon projections, a projector that utilizes reflected light for projecting the images of opaque objects.