NOVEL 101 Series with David B. Seaburn: May/June

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NOVEL 101: Is This Too Fast, Too Slow, or Just Right?: The Challenge of Pacing
7 – 8:30 pm, May 26

Pacing is all about creating narrative movement through dialogue, action, sentence structure, paragraph and chapter length, and all the hints and clues we leave along the way to keep the reader reading. In this module we will explore and practice pacing techniques.


NOVEL 101: How Am I Going to Bring All of This Together?: The Challenge of Climax/Resolution
7 – 8:30 pm, June 9

The novel’s climax marks the high point of the story where decisions are made and change occurs. It can feel like a daunting task to bring everything together. When in the story does this process begin? Does everything need to be tied up with a bow? What do I do after the climax? Participants will learn and practice ways to keep the climax in mind from the very beginning of the writing process.


NOVEL 101: I Can’t Possibly Get Rid of a Single Word: The Challenge of Editing
7 – 8:30 pm, June 23

Writers love their own words! We are loath to get rid of any of them. And yet, when the writing is done, it’s often the editing that turns a worthy draft into an excellent story. From story arc to single words and sentences, participants will learn ways to edit their own work. 


David B. Seaburn’s latest novel, Broken Pieces of God, will be released in September 2021 by Black Rose Writing. His first novel, Darkness is as Light,was published in 2005. He followed with Pumpkin Hill (2007); Charlie No Face (2011), a Finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award in General Fiction; Chimney Bluffs (2012); More More Time (2015); Parrot Talk (2017), which placed second in the TAZ Awards for Fiction (2017) and was shortlisted for the Somerset Award (2018); and Gavin Goode (2019), an American Book Fest Finalist for “Best Book” in General Fiction (2019).


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