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Rochester Cocktail Revival

Saturday, May 9 from 3-5 p.m.

For Nicolas Palazzi, the job of a peddling brandies across the US lead to the realization that there is barely any information about cognac and armagnac available, whether online or in the press, no place to consult to clearly understand who makes what, or how and why it tastes like it does.

This leads to misinformation and the creation of semi-truth….(“Cognac is distilled twice, Armagnac once”….”Armagnac is so much better than Cognac”….”I had this cognac. It’s awesome. Like 200 years old or something”) and certainly does not help getting more people inclined to give the stuff a shot.

At this seminar, let’s talk facts, taste some Cognac & Armagnacs made by real people who work well and see if Cognacs and Armagnacs hold up to the impressions we commonly have of them…

Nicolas Palazzi owns & operates PM Spirits, a small Brooklyn-based import/distributing company specialized in the sourcing of artisan spirits with a focus on Cognac. He is also an independent bottler with proprietary cellar in the Cognac region of France, sourcing, aging and bottling single casks of full proof/no additive added cognacs & Pineaux des Charentes.

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