Yes, we do offer financial assistance for adult and youth workshops!

It is important to us that our workshops are available to all who are interested, regardless of ability to pay. If a workshop’s price tag doesn’t fit your budget, please don’t hesitate to apply for a need-based scholarship. Scholarship awards are based on household income; number of dependents; and out-of-pocket tuition, medical, and child support expenses. Awards range from 25% to 100% of the workshop fee. Information you provide is held in strict confidence. We look forward to receiving your application.


(1) Send an email to as follows:

    • Your subject line: Workshop Title
    • Your email message: Your first and last names and telephone number

(2)  Check your inbox for a return email from with an attached, writable spreadsheet titled "WAB Scholarship." This is the application form.

    • Download the "WAB Scholarship" spreadsheet.
    • Save the sheet to your Desktop.
    • Rename it "Your First Name_Your Last Name." Example: Jane_Doe
    • Complete the self-calculating spreadsheet, entering data in all yellow-highlighted fields that apply to your circumstances.
    • Save your completed form.
    • Attach the completed form to an email addressed to scholarship@wab.orgIf you are using Google Sheets, make a PDF copy: Select File > Download > Save PDF, and attach the PDF file. If you are using Excel, simply attach the file. The workshop title is your subject line. 

(3)   Check your inbox for an email confirming registration and receipt of your application.

  • If your fee is $0, you are registered for the class.
  • If a fee is due, please call Laura at 585.473.2590 x 107, Monday - Friday, 11 am - 5 pm, to arrange payment.

(4)   Methods of Payment: Credit card, check, cash.

Questions? Call Laura at 585.473.2590 x 107.

PS: Thank you for your patience as we work toward installing a user-friendly application form on our website!