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The following is a post by SummerWrite Coordinator, Kathleen Quinlan. SummerWrite is Writers & Books ten week summer reading and writing camp which runs June 24-August 30. For more information, click here

For most people summer is a time they look forward to sun, the beach and vacation. For me summer means lava tag (a favorite game of SummerWrite students), very intense Harry Potter debates and lots of anthologies. That’s right, a Writers & Books SummerWrite summer! This is my 3rd summer coming back to Writers & Books and I look forward to my ten weeks.

As crazy as the busiest weeks can be, I look forward to coming into work every day. I have built great relationships with the Writers & Books staff, teachers, apprentices, interns, students and parents. I look forward to Monday mornings, seeing which students are returning from previous summers and see how big they have gotten.

The teachers at Writers & Books are some of the most creative and interesting people I have ever met and I truly enjoy talking to each and every one of them. The apprentice program allows for high school and college students to have hands on experience working with students over the summer. The apprentice program has many apprentices that come back for two, three, four years. I think that speaks volumes to the program and atmosphere at Writers & Books.

I can’t wait for another summer to start!