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Testimonial from Writer in Residence at Gell, Kevin Clouther

Kevin Clouther reflects on his time at Gell during this residency through The Gell Residency for Writers with Children:

“I was very happy, every morning but one (when it was raining hard), to make the short walk up the hill to the cabin, raise the heavy window by the door, and work on my novel BERMUDA without interruption. The work I did for the rest of the day paled beside that time, and I am deeply grateful for it. Although I’d worried that my family would grow restless while I was writing, I needn’t have. Exploring an unfamiliar house thrilled my two kids, and they loved running up and then running (or rolling) down the hills. The stream was of particular interest to them. When my writing slowed, we got in the car and moved our way through various local parks and vineyards. After my kids went to bed, I spent each evening watching the sunset either from the deck or what we called the typewriter room. While my wife read, I went over the day’s work, and then it was the walk up to the cabin the next morning, a ritual I already miss.”