The Ladder Literary Conference

The Ladder: Edit

This is a list of all the panels at The Ladder Literary Conference that focus on the EDIT rung.


Cutting Lines: Techniques for Editing Your Fiction

9:45-11:00am, Room D

In his 1914 lecture “On Style,” Arthur Quiller-Couch said of “ornamental” writing, “… delete it before sending your manuscript to press. Murder your darlings.” Elmore Leonard put it this way: “If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” In both cases, there is a hard truth: To become a better writer, you’re going to have to cut some words. Join three authors as they discuss their struggles and triumphs with editing fiction. Learn some of their tips, tricks, and guidelines to alleviate the pain of the editing process.

Panelists: Joanna Scott, Stephen Schottenfeld. Moderator: Brian Wood.


Editing with the Artist: A Publisher’s Perspective

3:15-4:30pm, Room D

In this conversation, five publishers discuss the tough task of suggesting and implementing edits to writers. Find out how you can jump out of the slush pile, what makes a manuscript ready for print, and what traits and attitudes can cause friction in the artist-publisher relationship. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear what publishers have to say behind closed doors.

Panelists: Peters Conners, Stephen Huff, Nina Alvarez, David Pomerico. Moderator: Chad W. Post.