KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival

We’re back for Fringe 7! Writers & Books is proud to be a venue for the 2018 KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival (September 12 – 22). We will host a collection of performances ranging in genres from comedy, music, multidisciplinary, theatre, and spoken word. All shows will take place upstairs on the second floor in the Performance Space. Writers & Books will also have a bar set up in the bookstore area for festival goers to purchase beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) before seeing a show.


This year’s line-up:


50 Shades of Gay

After completely selling out his run at the 2017 Rochester Fringe, award-winning comedian Ike Avelli brings back his HIT Adult Variety Show, 50 SHADES OF GAY! Join Ike and his fabulous guests, Recording Artist Tym Moss and Drag Superstar Viki Villainess, as they shower you with costumes, wigs, comedy, music, and most importantly: AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION + GIVEAWAYS!!

Show Length: 60 minutes   Ticket Price: $15.00   Genre: Comedy

Ages: Mature Audiences   Show Dates: Sept 19, 7:00 pm, Sept 20, 9:00 pm, Sept 21, 10:00 pm, Sept 22, 8:00 pm


Art Lobotomy

Songwriter Victory and comedian Tripoli (TripVictory) host an interactive performance showcase, inviting a fellow Fringe performer to join them. Each presents a piece of their art – a song, a joke, a dance. After each performance piece, the audience becomes a part of the show by asking questions, proposing critiques, and offering their perspectives. Every show is different!

Show Length: 45 minutes   Ticket Price: $10.00   Genre: Multidisciplinary

Ages: 18 and Over Show Dates: 9pm Wednesday Sept 12, 9pm Thursday Sept 13, 8pm Saturday Sept 16


Becoming Grandma Kat: One Man Show

A young man witnesses a crime and is placed in the Witness Protection Program (WITSEC). Trapped in his new persona, he faces several encounters that test his ability to keep his true identity hidden. This hilarious spoof will allow audience members to ask Grandma Kat questions about her journey in the WITSEC program. Written and performed by Keith Banks; directed by Krissy Garcia.

Show Length: 60 minutes   Ticket Price: $10.00   Genre: Comedy

Ages: 13 and Over Show Dates: 8pm Thursday Sept 20, 3pm Saturday Sept 22



The 1910 horror film, FRANKENSTEIN, mixes and mashes with original libretto, music, soundscape, and poetry in a real-time performance by Dave Esposito (a.k.a. Solomon Ramada) and G. E. Schwartz. FRANKENSTEIN BEMSHI! is a tale of science, mysticism, and dark mystery that speaks to the challenges of technology and life itself, while bringing to life this story for its 200th anniversary!

Show Length: 60 minutes   Ticket Price: $7.00   Genre: Comedy

Ages: 13 and Over Show Dates: 5pm Saturday Sept 22


Jesus Was No Sissy

JESUS WAS NO SISSY is a comic storytelling show about how Good Christian Girls Who Might Be Boys Inside learn about masculinity and femininity through the wonders of The Lord’s Boot Camp (motto: Get Dirty for God, Go Lay a Brick), Christian finishing school (“From Grubby to Grace” for girls and “God’s Gentlemen” for boys) and a subscription to the Sugar Creek Gang series of Christian fiction. Written and performed by award-winning comic Kelli Dunham.

Show Length: 45 minutes   Ticket Price: $10.00   Genre: Comedy

Ages: Mature Audiences Show Dates: Saturday Sept 15 at 10pm, Sunday Sept 16 at 3pm


Left For Dead Improv

Left For Dead, a Rochester-area, improv-comedy group made up of performers who are age 50 and above, originated in 2011. With more than four centuries of life experience, this team performs short and long-form improv, stand-up, and sketch comedy. They can still chew their own food and they’ll chew yours too.

Show Length: 45 minutes   Ticket Price: $10.00   Genre: Comedy

Ages: 18 and Over Show Dates: Friday Sept 14 at 8pm, Saturday Sept 15 at 2pm



Not Her Again!

An evening with Miranda Marie Sugarbaker, featuring Kevin Markman. Come for the damn show and enjoy the style, the swagger, and class that fills your heart and your soul with laughter and sass. One night only!

Show Length: 60 minutes   Ticket Price: $20.00   Genre: Comedy

Ages: 18 and Over Show Dates: 10pm on Friday Sept 14




The 24-Hour Plays

What do you get when you take a group of actors, writers, directors, and producers and give them 24 hours to create, rehearse, and “tech” a handful of short original plays? Something uniquely amazing. The experience is profoundly exhilarating, cumulating in a thrilling performance with lights, sounds, props, and costumes for a live theatre audience.

Show Length: 60 minutes   Ticket Price: $18.00   Genre: Theatre

Ages: 13 and Over Show Dates: 7pm on Monday Sept 17, 9pm on Monday Sept 17



The Choirs among the Wolves! More Supernatural Tales from Native American tradition in Western New York

Most Native Americans have a keen awareness of their ancestral traditions, especially in regards to the supernatural. THE CHOIRS AMONG THE WOLVES! is a gripping, spoken-word performance that profiles ancient Six Nations’ supernatural/spiritual traditions, then turns to the accounts of contemporary witnesses in which the old figures seem to live: witches, ghosts, shapeshifters, and those curious, ambiguous “Little People.”

Show Length: 75 minutes   Ticket Price: $15.00   Genre: Spoken Word

Ages: All Ages Show Dates: 7pm Wednesday Sept 19



The Geriactors Present!

The Geriactors return to Fringe with more world premieres by local playwrights, accompanied by OLD songs from the Rochester Songbook (published 1910).  Each short play is a take on the modern world both urban and rural, usually comic, always true, often from the unique perspective suggested by our name.  The hundred-year-old songs are a treat.

Show Length: 60 minutes   Ticket Price: $15.00   Genre: Theatre

Ages: 13 and Over Show Dates: 7pm Sept 18, 2pm Sept 19, 2pm Sept 20



Tom Willard: A Comedian You’ve Never Heard Of

Tom Willard started doing standup comedy in 2016 at the age of 58.  Having gone deaf while growing up, he talks and signs in his act.  He’s performed at more than 25 venues in 10 cities including Toronto and NYC.  He doesn’t expect to become the next Jerry Seinfeld, but “plenty of comedians you’ve never heard of make a good living in comedy, and so that’s my goal, to become one of those comedians you’ve never heard of.”  

Show Length: 50 minutes   Ticket Price: $10.00   Genre: Comedy

Ages: 18 and Over Show Dates: 7pm on Wednesday September 12



Tym Moss A- Live: Fun! Fabulous! Flamboyant

“One of the best cabaret shows in town.” –Michael Musto, LOGO NewNowNext. Tym Moss brings his critically acclaimed New York City cabaret show to the Rochester Fringe! His story is brilliantly told through familiar songs (with new interpretations) as he takes you on his life’s journey.  YOU will laugh, cry, and sing along during his tale of survival and inspiration.

Show Length: 60 minutes   Ticket Price: $15.00   Genre: Music

Ages: 18 and Over Show Dates: Friday Sept 21 8pm, Saturday Sept 22 6pm



With The Cows

… with the cows… may as well be with the angels or the seagulls… have the fields been planted? Guitar, drums, percussion, keys, scrapes, vocals, text, tones, and the ghost of electricity. Poetry & Music. Joyride. The boys of chorus include Phil Marshall, Roy Marshall, Arpad Sekeres, Chris Zajkowski, and Rick Petrie. Stirrin’ ‘n’ steppin’ with the elements. A few stories and a few beautiful breaths.

Show Length: 50 minutes   Ticket Price: $10.00   Genre: Spoken Word

Ages: All Ages Show Dates: 6pm Saturday Sept 15, 5pm Sunday Sept 16


You are No Match for Me

They say you need to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.  Well, Erin has had her fair share of frogs.  For a look inside the sometimes hilarious (and sometimes hideous) world of online dating, join Erin for her highlight reel of the last five years. Finding the perfect match is a lot of work.  Written and performed by Erin Julian.

Show Length: 30 minutes   Ticket Price: $10.00   Genre: Comedy

Ages: 18 & Over Show Dates: Sunday Sept 16 at 1pm, Saturday Sept 22 at 12pm