Joe Baumann, Where Can I Take You When There’s Nowhere To Go

Writers & Books Streaming Event NY, United States

Thirteen surreal short stories utilize the strange and the bizarre as a backdrop for explorations of loneliness, queer coming-of-age, self-discovery, and loss. Baumann’s tender vignettes of love, anger, grief, and desire are a stunning ode to the places and people that can give us solace within an absurd and chaotic world. Joe Baumann is the […]

Willie Lin, Conversation Among Stones

Writers & Books Streaming Event NY, United States

Through fields of wild grass, restless seascapes, and cities tinged with sand, Willie Lin's debut collection of poetry questions what can remain and what must be pared away in our search for truth. Conversation Among Stones speaks both to the inanimate— misremembered histories, photographs, the dead—and to the voices in our daily lives that reverberate […]

Subhaga Crystal Bacon, Transitory

Writers & Books Streaming Event NY, United States

Epistolary in nature, these commemorative poems  are “gleaned sketches” attempting to reconstruct lives and deaths from the typically scarce information made available on the internet. Seen through the lenses of whiteness and privilege from the last quarter of a lifetime, the poems navigate the desire to be at home in our bodies, to be loved […]

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