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Where Does Inspiration Come From? David B. Seaburn


There are often specific experiences that help inspire my writing. For example, the title for my latest novel, “More More Time,” was inspired by a game I used to play with our oldest granddaughter. I would hold her by the wrists and swish her around the kitchen floor. When I got tired, I would say, “One more time, Gianna.” She thought I was saying, “More more time,” which, in turn, she assumed was the name of the game. Almost immediately, I decided that would be the title of my next novel even though I didn’t have a story to go with it yet.
When I get into the actual writing, I discover that there are more fundamental things that motivate or inspire me. They have to do with my theological training and my years of experience as a marriage and family therapist. In theological seminary I learned that story-telling, the use of language, is a powerful way to create and sustain meaning. In fact, the process of story creation and sharing is sacred, in and of itself.
As I psychotherapist I was afforded the opportunity to enter into the intimate stories of individuals, couples and families, stories that were honest, painful, and yet full of hope. Listening to and struggling with them taught me about the complexity of the human journey and all the challenges and rewards that are a part of it. It also taught me that even the most modest life is brimful of meaning and possibility.
As a consequence of these influences, common to all my work is an abiding interest in the common struggles that make us human—loss, fear, hope, uncertainty, connection, separation, meaning, seeking, questioning, love, guilt, wonder, and joy. When I write, I feel that more than anything else, I am, even in a small way, trying to make sense of life, trying to explore its meaning. And, of course, I am trying to tell a good story in the process.



David B. Seaburn has written five novels. His most recent is More More Time. Seaburn is a retired family therapist, psychologist and minister.


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