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Why Cartooning? by Danica Glamack

Creatively cartooning is a unique combination of words and doodles.

I usually start with writing my punchline and then I doodle-sketch my single panel cartoon.

Humor is the gift of giving solace. It’s comforting and cheerful.

Who couldn’t use some humor? It’s a source of relief for each and every day.

If you have a sense of humor or if you would like to develop the ability to envision humorous situations from everyday life, you will enjoy my class.

Humor can also be a tool when writing. If you’re in a jam; write and doodle a cartoon to take you through your writing freeze. Writing a cartoon will keep your story line on point.

Let’s say you want a comic strip several panels in length. Take your single panel cartoon and work backwards with your story.

Try one, their fun! Here’s how it might go …

Subject: A couple in the hospital who just became new parents.

Punchline: “We’ll take that one!” (Looking in the nursey window; speaking to the nurse)

Now, go backward …

Panel 1: (Glowing parents in hospital room)

Panel 2: (Mom being wheeled by Dad to the nursey, their anxious)

Panel 3: (Dad is excited)

Panel 4: “We’ll take that one!” (punchline)

Now you have your written draft. To start your doodles I would first research a hospital nursery. Search online for photos or clip art, etc.

I hope you had some fun creating this cartoon.

If you have any inquiries, please contact me.

And I hope to see you in my upcoming March 2017 class at Writers & Books.

Humorously yours,



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