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Winter Classes

Often I receive emails from prospective students who want to know what our classes at Writers & Books are really like. Maybe they’re envisioning a typical college classroom scenario with rows of desks and a ratio of two students listening to one sleeping and one surreptitiously surfing the net. Or maybe they have heard stories about some of the nationally known writers’ workshops where your fellow students are famously competitive, even cutthroat.

Neither of those scenarios describes the experience at Writers & Books. While people who sign up for our classes are serious about learning to write, they are not earning a degree here. And if there is one attribute that describes our teachers–besides those qualities that one would assume, such as being highly knowledgeable and experienced—it is that they are nurturing. You come to us yearning to learn, and our teachers respond by helping you find your way in what has to be understood as a difficult field—writing.

As for the rows of desks, we do not have them. Most of our classes form around a table where you can bring a cup of coffee. They are non-competitive, but serious. Does everyone who attends these classes become a professional writer? No, of course not. But I dare say the vast majority become better writers. And it is partly because of this nurturing, elbows-on-the-table atmosphere in which no one should be afraid to ask a question or to present their writing to the group. No one bites.

Read through this catalog. We’ve tried to cover every genre, and I think you’ll find at least one class that interests you. But if you still are unsure, still want to know more about what to expect when you enter the class, drop an email to me, at I don’t bite either.