Hogwarts: Defense Aginst the Dark Arts Special Topics

Scholarships Available

Instructor: Chris Fanning
Ages 10-13

Join Professor Dalton for a deep dive into a specific topic relating to the world of DADA. Spells, creatures, history, and more! Come ready to discuss, write, and share! All 7 books will be discussed. New topic each session.

NOTE: Writers & Books neither condones nor agrees with J.K. Rowling's transphobic, social, and political views. Our faculty, staff, and students choose to celebrate the magic of the Harry Potter series and claim the stories as our own through critical and creative exploration of the text. Trans Lives Matter.


We’ve moved online! All workshops are conducted via Zoom, a virtual platform that allows you to participate in exercises and contribute to group conversation. For morning and noontime workshops, your Zoom link will be sent the day before; for afternoon workshops, one hour in advance; and for evening workshops, between 5:15 pm and one hour before your workshop starts.