SummerWrite 2021 Virtual Camps At a Glance

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WEEK ONE: July 12-16

Magical Doorways & Portals (ages: 6-8)
Start Your Story (ages: 6-8)
Young Activists: Be the Change (ages: 8-11)
Hogwarts Express: Harry’s First Four years (ages: 8-10)
Build-A-Book (ages: 10-13)
World Building for Social Justice (ages: 12-14)
Here and Now: Writing Your Truth in Uncertain Times (ages: 12-14)
Creating Diverse and Inclusive Characters (ages: teens)

WEEK TWO: July 19-23

Rebels, Leaders, & Innovators (ages: 6-8)
Magic Treehouse Adventure Club: Exploring Cultures Around the World (ages: 6-8)
Flash Your Fiction (ages: 8-11)
Shakespeare’s Comedy Camp (ages: 8-11)
The Art of Storytelling: Myths & Motifs (ages: 12-14)
Novel Tools (ages: 12-14)
Dragons, Dice, & Roleplaying (ages: teens)

WEEK THREE: July 26-30

Hogwarts Academy (ages: 8-13)
Dumbledore’s Army (ages: teens)

WEEK FOUR: August 2-6

Building Fantastical Worlds (ages 8-11)
Percy Jackson’s Magic Pen (ages 8-11)
Mirrors & Windows: A Closer Look (ages 10-13)
Tomar espacio, Hacer espacio: narración a través de la poesía en dos idiomas/ Take Space, Make Space: Storytelling through Dual-Language poetry (ages 10-13)
Write a Short Play (ages 12-14)
Produce a 90-Second Newbery Film, TWO WEEKS (ages: 9-16)
I Wonder: Exploring Eternal Questions (ages: teens)
Writing Ourselves Queer and Here: A Workshop for LGBTQIA+ Teens (ages: teens)
Deaf Children’s Books: The Art of Visual Storytelling Through Disability & Race Conscious Lens, TWO WEEKS (ages: 10-15)
Songwriting Workshop (ages: teens)

WEEK FIVE: August 9-13

Poetry, Pottery, & Paper: Hybrid Camp (ages: 8-11)
Visible & Invisible Characters (ages: 8-11)|
Comedy Improvisation (ages: 12-14)
Teen Zine: Hybrid Camp (ages: teens)
Citizens: Race, Identity, & Democracy (ages: teens)
Writing Movies (ages: teens)