SummerWrite 2021: Things To Know

Teaching Artists

You’re encouraged to learn more about our Teaching Artists’ breadth of experience and expertise here.


High school and college apprentices assist in all of our camps. Learn more about, and apply for, general apprenticeships, social justice apprenticeships, and internships here.

Virtual Platform

SummerWrite 2021 will take place via Zoom. Upon registering you will receive your Zoom link (Note: Hogwarts Academy students receive their zoom link at a later date). Three-five days before camp starts you will receive a reminder email with the Zoom link and more detailed information. Unless otherwise noted, the same Zoom link will be used every day of the camp. 

The best option for accessing Zoom is a desktop or laptop computer. Tablets are next best. Though not ideal for screen sharing and social interaction, smartphones can also be used. 

Zoom Etiquette 

            • When you sign in on the first day of camp, please make sure the name you registered with appears. You are encouraged to include your preferred pronouns (eg, “Katherine, she/her” or “Katherine, they/them”). If you need to rename your label, click your name on the “Participants” tab and select “Rename.” 
            • For the best experience connecting with others in the camp, please keep your video on when not on break. 
            • The Teaching Artist may ask campers to remain muted when not speaking to avoid  interference from background noise. 
            • Campers should be fully dressed, and prepared to participate, as though they were attending camp in person. 

Group Size and Instructor Ratio

In general, enrollment in every camp is capped at 12 to maximize group interaction and individual attention. Most camps are led by one adult teaching artist and one high school or college apprentice.


Unless otherwise noted in the description, students need only a pen and paper, and sometimes access to crayons, markers, or colored pencils. If these supplies are unavailable to your child for any reason, please contact for assistance.

Camp Hours

1.5 hours: Camps for our youngest learners (ages 6-8).
2.5 hours: Camps for older elementary school students (ages 8-11).
3 hours: Camps for middle and high school students (ages 12-18).
4 hours: Selected camps requiring more instruction run 10 am- 3 pm with a full hour lunch break, 12-1 pm.


All camps have built-in breaks when students can walk away from the screen, stretch, use the bathroom, get a snack, etc. Teaching artists let students know when to return; students are expected to be prompt. Camps also include in-class mini-stretch breaks so students aren’t sitting still for an extended time period.


Families are expected to be available to assist students with signing on to their virtual camps, should they need it. All students in the 6-8 age group must have a caregiver within earshot at all times to assist with any issues that may arise. While independence is a goal,  the virtual classroom does not allow our teaching artists to assist in every instance.


Participants must arrive at their Zoom session on time in order to be checked in. Please notify us at if your child will be late, absent, or need to leave early.

Lunch Time Social Hour

Part of the magic of SummerWrite is making connections with new friends. Optional social time is offered each day, 12:10 – 12:50 pm, open to all campers registered in a given week. All social hours are supervised by an apprentice.

Final Presentations and Anthologies

Many of our camps have creative ways to celebrate the work of the campers. Some camps may have a virtual final presentation or a digital anthology. We will notify families by email about these opportunities. 

Cancellations, Withdrawals & Refunds

Cancellation: In the event that a camp has to be cancelled due to low enrollment or other unforeseeable circumstances, you will be notified as far in advance as possible, generally 3-5 business days, and a full refund will be issued.

Withdrawal: To withdraw, email

If you withdraw at least two weeks before the first day of  camp, you will receive a full refund, minus a 15% administrative fee. 

If you withdraw between one and two weeks before the first day of  camp, you will receive a full refund, minus a 25% administrative fee. No refunds will be given for withdrawals that are fewer than 5 business days before the start of camp.


Your Writers & Books membership will go far in supporting programs and opportunities that enrich and transform lives. Plus, it pays to be a member! Sign up for a student or household membership and receive discounts on SummerWrite camps, along with other benefits. 


Writers & Books is committed to making our programs available to all members of the community. We offer partial and full scholarships based on need. Click HERE for our secure, confidential online scholarship portal.

Summerwrite Blog

During the week(s) your child is in camp, you will have access to our SummerWrite blog, where you can learn about all our exciting activities.


Writers & Books welcomes and encourages the participation of people with disabilities, as well as Deaf and hard-of-hearing people.  If you would like to make a request for any accommodation, such as captioning, please email us at or at least 10 days prior to the workshop.


Buying Books

Whether your SummerWrite camp recommends specific titles— or you simply want to get new books on your shelves— our independent bookstore, Ampersand Books, is happy to help with your online orders!

If you’re looking for an in-person browsing experience, please visit our friends at Hipocampo Children’s Books. They are now open for in-store sales, online orders and curbside pick up!


Please don’t hesitate to be in touch! 


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